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Hi I'm Alexia

I am passionate about the emotional and physical wellbeing of the pets in my care. I employ holistic grooming techniques, so that all my grooming clients can be beautifully calm in a stree-free environment.

I love grooming dogs and what drive me crazy is grooming in a stressful facility. So I created a calm, peaceful environment. 

I help pet owners who are looking for a holistic, compassionate approach to grooming, so they can feel confident about leaving their beloved pet during the grooming process just in front of their home. 

Learn a bit more about me and my dog grooming journey in this video with Stephanie Zikmann

Holistic Dog Grooming

The most important apart from giving a groom to your dog is to let them finally enjoy this moment. 

I use calm and relaxing techniques to offer them a moment they want to do again. I am working with the dog in total consideration of him

"I don't want to be on the grooming table!" 

No problem stay on the floor sweety. 

"I need a moral support"

Toys and treats are always available in the van. 

"I need my mom to be next to me"

It's ok she can come in and stay with us. 

We all want our pets to be comfortable and relaxed during groom that's why I am taking my time with each one of your furry friends and treat them like they would be mine. 

All sizes and all breed friendly

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