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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does each grooming session last?
    On average it takes about 1 hour but it always depends on the breed and the need of every dog.
  • How much does each session cost?
    Every session depends on the breed and what is needed. The price varies.
  • Do you offer dog grooming at a salon?
    No, I am a mobile dog groomer, so I have a van and come and park in front of your place. All I need is a parking space and to be able to plug in my electric cable. The dog grooming is done inside the van. I like to call it my little "salon on wheels".
  • How do I book a dog grooming session?
    You can contact me by text message, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google, or phone call on 07710 067235
  • How do I know which treatment is best for my dog?
    The best is to talk to me. I'll ask you a few questions like the age of your dog and explain what your dog needs. On the day of the appointment, I'll give your dog a general health-check, make sure there are no lumps, injuries, or infections and then I'll explain the grooming process.
  • What products do you use?
    I only use organic dog shampoo, I have more than 8 different shampoos depending on the type of coat, color, and skin conditions. The type of shampoo I use will be chosen after a chat with you and the health-check.
  • Do you clip nails?
    Yes I do, I offer nail clipping during a full groom. I do not drive to do nail clipping, if you really need this service, please contact me to make an appointment to visit me. Nail clipping will only be done if the dog is happy with it.
  • What if I live in a flat and I can’t plug your electric cable?
    It’s okay I am ready for every situation I can also use my generator to be independent. This will be an additional cost of £3 for using the generator.
  • What is the difference between a puppy groom and a full groom?
    A puppy groom introduces the dog to be able to have a full groom in the future. It is very important to introduce the dog slowly to all the new things surrounding him (taking a bath, getting dry, and getting approached by scissors and clippers can be extremely stressful) That's why it’s better to start slowly with a puppy groom at a young age.
  • When can my dog start to be groomed?
    Your puppy can start being groomed from 4 months old (the earlier the better to get used to it with no stress)
  • Why can’t I have my puppy fully groomed?
    A full groom includes a full clipping of the coat, if the dog still has his puppy coat it can create a big problem in the future if this one is clipped too early. A puppy coat clipped too early can form a "coat funk" which mean (the coat never grows back, the coat changes color or create patches, and the coat grows back in different texture sometimes as painful as needles). It’s better to wait until the adult coat is fully ready.
  • My dog is very nervous so I am scared to call a groomer what to do?
    I am a holistic dog groomer which means I’m here to offer a stress-free environment to the dog to avoid any anxiety. If anything I'm doing is causing too much stress for the dog I will change my technique and if needed I will stop.
  • My dog bite, do you use a muzzle?
    No, a muzzle can be so stressful for a dog, as a holistic dog groomer I prefer to reintroduce the dog to being groomed. I will be very slowly and gently and if needed I will use a cone in fabric or a hammock. (this looks very cute by the way).
  • How can I pay you?
    When you make your booking, I will send you a payment link for you to pay a deposit. Deposits are £31 and the remaining fee can be paid on the day by cash or bank transfer. The deposit should be paid at least 72 hours before your appointment, if not the appointment will be cancelled.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    As early as you know you can always cancel and reschedule your appointment. Any cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment, we will retain your deposit as this is too short notice to fill that space. If you wish to rebook your appointment (after having cancelled with less than 48 hours notice given) you will have to pay the full price in advance.
  • Why do I have to keep my phone available?
    As a mobile dog groomer, I can sometimes be early or late depending on the traffic or the dog I had before. I will always give you a call when I’m on my way to make sure it’s alright with you.
  • My dog has separation anxiety how to do?
    Being a mobile dog groomer can already help as I will be parked in front of your house so your dog can always have a look by the window. If this is not helping you are very welcome inside the van with us. I am fully insured for your safety and the dogs.
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