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Intro/Puppy Groom

A puppy groom is a great introduction to being groomed, it's the first step to having a full groom in the future. It is very important to introduce the dog slowly to all the new things surrounding him (taking a bath, getting dry, and getting approached by scissors and clippers can be extremely stressful) That's why it’s better to start slowly with a puppy groom at a young age.

puppy groom.jpg

Our introductory/puppy grooming sessions include:

  • Health check

  • Introduction to the bath and dryer

  • Tidy around the eyes and the bum area.

  • Trim pad and nail clipping,

  • Ear cleaning

  • Relaxing massage

Price start from £31 depending on breed

Please check your spam after making a booking, to check for appointment confirmation

"She looks so fluffy and cute. She was so happy after her groom, she kept wagging her tail"

Luna's Owner
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